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I started wearing them [tracksuits] when I was 15 because I was a huge hip-hop fan. But in the ’90s, the tracksuits were very oversized—they didn’t make them in girl sizes. So revisiting the tracksuit happened last year while I was touring with The Postal Service. I got a hookup and now I own, I’d say, around 15 to 20 of them. I have a whole rainbow of colors—and when a new one comes in, they send it to me! I hope to design my own tracksuit for Adidas at some point—maybe one that looks like the suit from my album cover, but in tracksuit form.

You could get “The Voyager” embroidered across the back, maybe…

That would be so sick. I would love to also outfit my entire band in tracksuits, so that when we come through an airport, we look like a sports team.